Taxi Crashes into Restaurant
Taxi Crashes into Restaurant/Upper East Site

NEW INFO: Taxi Jumps Curb, Slams into Bus Shelter & Restaurant on the UES

MANHATTAN – A frightening multi-car crash on the Upper East Side involving taxi left a bus shelter destroyed, a building smashed in and two people injured, one a person standing on the sidewalk.

Taxi Crashes into Restaurant
Trail of destruction after crash/Upper East Site

Just before 5pm Friday, a Taxi driver lost control of his van after being rear-ended by second car that had also been rear-ended by a third car behind it– this all happening on bustling Second Avenue just south of E 82nd street–sending the Taxi crashing through a wall of a bus shelter sending metal and glass flying 15 feet away, shattered all over the sidewalk– but that didn’t slow it the out-of-control taxi down.

Taxi Crashes into Restaurant
Bus shelter wall destroyed in crash/Upper East Site

The Taxi continued to barrel down the sidewalk another 50 feet until it careened into Amura Japanese restaurant, destroying the entrance and storefront and striking a 51-year-old man standing in front– his leg was cut and injured in the crash.

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Mangled metal, wood and glass made it difficult to even tell where the doorway was, but police could be seen inside speaking with Restaurant staff.

Taxi Crashes into Restaurant
The front of Amura restaurant is left in shambes/Upper East Site

Despite the wreckage and trail of destruction, there was only two minor injures– the driver of the taxi whose airbag did not deploy and the 51-year-old man who was struck.

Crowds formed around the scene and cars passed by slowly all to get a look at the devastating damage. Right now, it’s not clear what caused the Taxi driver to lose control, but witnesses say there was an accident involving multiple cars beforehand.

Taxi Crashes into Restaurant
Taxi removed from building after crash/Upper East Site

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