Taxi driver looks at wrecked cab destroyed by speeding Cadillac on the Upper East Side
Taxi driver looks at wrecked cab destroyed by speeding Cadillac | Kate Vogel

Speeding SUV Turns Second Ave. into Demolition Derby with Violent Wreck, Witnesses say

A violent wreck on the Upper East Side turned a busy stretch of Second Avenue into a frightening scene when witnesses say a speeding black Cadillac struck cars in traffic, then flew over a median into the air and crashed partially on top of a parked
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  1. I want to commend the 4 strangers who ran in to get the driver out of the car. It was a seriously dangerous situation: the car was smoking; gasoline was everywhere; people were yelling to get away since it seemed there was a real risk of an explosion. These strangers reached into the car, unbuckled the driver (who I think was unconscious); and carried him out to the sidewalk. Seriously heroic stuff representing the best of New York.

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