A jogger was struck from behind by a cyclist and critically injured in Central Park, police say
A jogger was struck from behind by a cyclist and critically injured in Central Park, police say | Martin Callender/FreedomNews.tv

Jogger Struck From Behind By Cyclist in Central Park, Critically Injured: NYPD

A woman jogging inside Central Park was critically injured this morning when she was struck from behind by a cyclist, police confirm to Upper East Site. The NYPD's Collision Investigation Squad photographed the crash scene in Central Park | Martin
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  1. This is terrible they truly are riding around as if above the law and do not follow one traffic rule let alone common sense or basic human decency
    One almost hit me on my sidewalk in front of my building. He made zero attempt to slow down—luckily I was turning into my building anyway. Are they now taking over sidewalks too?

  2. I never understood why bicyclists are given so many rights to ride around this city without obeying traffic laws. Why is it that cars and pedestrians are at risk of getting into accidents with these reckless people? I hope the woman is okay but unfortunately, bicyclists don’t have license plates, don’t have to have insurance, inspections, don’t pay for parking, and on and on. This is a walking and driving city – always has been and always should be. We need to care more about people getting killed (no matter how it’s done) than saving a tree.

    • Thank you Sherri! It has gotten out of control with bicycles, delivery men etc.They are now driving on the sidewalk, instead of the street! We have no rights to walk, crosstye street, drive..etc. even the turning lanes have butchered our streets for no gain but more confusion and danger! The citibikes have crowded our side streets.I think it is all about money! But who is thinking about us as pedestrians? Thank you for voicing this difficult situation….I second the motion..We do not live in Amsterdam, Holland or Venice where the streets are wider and more conducive to bikers!!!

    • That is the area where these kind off accidents happen. Some years back a wife of NBC president or some other high level executive, was killed by speeding cyclist, while she tried to cross the lane.He would not even try to avoid hitting her. He just shouted at her to get out of his way. He escaped jail..not any punishment. He kept cycling without a care.
      Yes, I agree with you on all points.

      • I agree. Delivery bicycles all over the sidewalks… scary to cross the street where there are bicycle lanes, as they do not stop at red lights.

    • Nothing new here. Many bike riders ignore traffic laws and rules. Central Park has been having accidents like this for decades. Some cops and Auxiliary Police officers try to slow them down, but they are rarely ticketed or arrested. Riders often ignore pedestrian versus bike lanes, even riding on bridle paths, and consider the park a raceway. And there’s no way Manhattan DA Bragg would ever consent to a prosecution – unless pedestrians went after a biker who hit someone, and he’d prosecute the pedestrians.

      • There have to be demonstrations demanding protections for pedestrians and punishment of the criminals. Car drivers can kill pedestrians and nothing will happen to them, also . These are crazy times we live in. And people keep voting for useless politicians, leaders who forget their promises a day after winning the elections

    • Why are you blaming cycling when its the complete lack of policing that’s the problem? Did you elect someone who will actually hand out fines to cyclists violating the law? No? Then what are you complaining about? Cycling is an excellent way to get around, both in NYC and in thousands of other cites across the world where it works quite well. You’re attacking myself and everyone else who does ride responsibly in NYC by insinuating that cycling is the issue. It’s not. It’s the fact that NYC is a lawless shithole that’s the issue, where police are handcuffed.

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