Double Parked Amazon truck sits next to unused open parking spaces on Third Avenue | Upper East Site
Double Parked Amazon truck sits next to unused open parking spaces on Third Avenue near 74rd Street| Upper East Site

Amazon Flouts Law, Safety Risks Using UES Streets as Free Warehouse Space, Neighbors say

Upper East Side residents can step outside their building and they are there. Walk to the subway, they are there. Try to enjoy outdoor dining, they are there. We’re talking about illegally parked Amazon delivery trucks and their groups of half a do
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  1. Dumb residents of the UES stop buying on line support local stores. We have created a nightmare of constant congestion and its not the cars. It is the trucks like Amazon that have the nerve to use our avenues as their warehouses turning our avenues into single lane streets . ADD to this the toxic hazard of speeding electric bikes speeding vespas complete flaunting of traffic laws no Zero enforcement zero ticketing of these offenders

  2. Maybe we should all stop buying crap. I don’t think it would be possible for Amazon to give us our deliveries the next day or same day without these trucks. Also, if we stop consuming crap, then maybe we can stop clogging and draining our environment which is much more a safety risk…. But you know we need all this stuff to survive, ha.

  4. It is such an obvious and ever present hazard. Dangerous for workers, pedestrians, motorists. Blocks traffic. Uses public space. My question — why no enforcement?

  5. The NYPD traffic officers should not give a parking ticket to any neighborhood resident again until they begin ticketing these trucks. It’s absolutely ridiculous and baffling that everyone is content to ignore the problem.

    And the suggestion by Borough President Levine that the trucks park in a parking garage to do their sorting is ludicrous. Has Levine ever been in a Manhattan parking garage? There is no way those trucks are fitting in 95% of the garages nor do those garages even have room for them to park even if they could make it through the entrances.

    • So true … Absolutely crazy the danger to both the cars and pedestrian on the street … I get it the delivery people have a job to do as do we all I don’t do mine in the middle of the street …car garage not the answer !!! find a parking lot or off the “grid” area … as they may not be found (in Manhattan) but they need to find a solution …. The ⛔️ danger caused is real AMAZON!!!!

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