Three burglars steal more than $500k in jewelry from Park Avenue store, police say
Three burglars steal more than $500k in jewelry from Park Avenue store, police say | Daniel Valls/, NYPD

SEE IT: $500k Park Avenue Jewelry Store Smash & Grab Caught on Camera

Sixty seconds was all it took for a trio of thieves armed with a sledgehammer to smash their way into a high-end Park Avenue jewelry store and walk out with more than half a million dollars worth of sparkling merchandise early Saturday morning, polic
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  1. Why was the merchandise still in the cases? Was there a silent alarm that went off? How were they able to get in and out so fast? These upstanding citizens that are robbing this city blind always wear sweatshirts with hoodies (even during the summer), are wearing masks and are in and out of stores very quickly. Hopefully however they escaped (usually a car waiting) can be identified. This insanity has got to stop.

    • Under Governor Hochul the crime will continue because she doesn’t care and favors criminals along with DA Alvin Bragg. Unless the people in NYC wake-up and realize that the Democratic Party is for socialism and woke policies, our city and state will go under very badly. I’m a registered Democrat and understand this isn’t the same party of yesteryears. We can’t continue to have one party rule and now must vote for Republican Lee Zeldin for governor. He is committed to firing Alvin Bragg the first day in office and is for law and order. Crime, inflation, and socialism are the main issues.

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