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New York Post Plagiarizes Small Neighborhood News Site in Pathetic Display of New Low

MANHATTAN – What draws many of us to journalism is the opportunity to help people and serve the public in the process, providing much-needed information in times of distress or emergency. 

For us, we wear this variation of public service as a badge of honor.

This isn’t our job, this is who we are. 

We live the ethics that are in Upper East Site’s policy and don’t take them lightly, which is why when Upper East Site heard Autumn’s story, we knew it had to be shared with the masses and do everything we could to bring Stella home.

As part of this process, Upper East Site was the only news organization that spoke to ‘Sarah’ the dog-walker whom Autumn met on Rover, and anyone even mentioning that name is plagiarizing our work— ‘Sarah’ is a fictitious pseudonym.

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The New York Post initially did the right thing and properly attributed the information to Upper East Site.

But, after speaking with Autumn, they stripped their site of any reference to our work.

We don’t take theft lying down.

We’re still working to help Autumn bring Stella home. 

What is the New York Post doing besides fishing for clicks?

Maybe that’s what you get when your “reporter’s” social media/internet presence is entirely about his middle-aged musical aspirations.

We’re here to bring you the truth, the facts and are here to earn your trust. 

Please support Upper East Site and let the Post know what you think of theft.

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Dr. Autumn Brewer and her dog Stella

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