Subway Robbery
Surveillance Photo via NYPD

Maskless Thief Pounces on Straphanger at Yorkville Subway Station

UPPER EAST SIDE – Just as the (4) train pulled into the station ten minutes to before the nightly systemwide subway at 1am, a brazen thief who didnt even bother to wear mask got ready for his moment.  

The squeals of the subways cars wheels stopped, the chime rang and the doors thuded open. Within seconds a 46-year-old man minding his own business would be the theif’s victim– swiping the Samsung Galaxy phone right out of the man’s hands and sprinting out of the East 86th street and Lexington Ave station.  

Surveillance Photo via NYPD

In fact, the suspect was moving so fast, surveillance cameras couldn’t catch a clear photo– still, we get a look at the creep because he wasn’t wearing a mask on the subway– potentially putting other people’s lives at risk.

If you recognize this guy, you know what to do.

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