A teen was shoved through a window during a chaotic Upper East Side robbery Saturday afternoon | Upper East Site
A teen was shoved through a window during a chaotic Upper East Side robbery Saturday afternoon | Upper East Site

Teen Shoved Through Window, Sliced Up During Chaotic UES Robbery

It was a weed shop robbery unlike any we've seen on the Upper East Side -- a broad daylight heist gone sideways when a suspect shoved the 17-year-old clerk through the unlicensed dispensary's large front window, the shards slicing him up, police conf
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  1. Upper East Site, how about you do an investigation into why and how these ILLEGAL cannabis stores are allowed to stay open? Even though they are ILLEGAL and clearly a magnet for violent crime and criminals and a blight on our neighborhood and every neighborhood where they’re located?

    And please include in your investigation why the landlords who are knowingly renting to these ILLEGAL “businesses” are allowed to do so with no criminal charges or penalties?

    Of course, this is a “follow the money” situation – it reeks of corruption. Let’s see where it leads!

  2. [email protected]
    These shops are everywhere. People used to go to jail for smoking and selling pot. Now pot is legal and renamed from an illegal DRUG to a legal merch to please addicts and real criminals.
    What is next? Legal Cocaine shops?

    • There are only a few legal, licensed shops selling pot. Most of the over 1,000 shops in this city – as in this case – are ILLEGAL operations that should be shut down permanently by the NYPD! And the landlords renting to these businesses should also be prosecuted!

      WHY is the NYPD allowing these businesses to stay open?!?

  4. Saturday: bloody mid-afternoon robbery-gone-wrong at unlicensed cannabis shop.
    Sunday: shop is wide open for business. Very wide open because its plate glass window is missing.

    What does it take to freakin shut down even one of these guys? How is that place not boarded up, stock confiscated, never to reopen? How did we get to the point that there are 1500 illegal weed stores in NYC against only five legal dispensaries? Are the people running this town so incompetent as that? Are they merely twiddling their thumbs while quality of life collapses?

    • Exactly!! Surely the NYPD knows the locations of all these illegal weed stores that are crime magnets and a blight on our community and everywhere else. Why aren’t they shut down??! Why aren’t the cops doing a massive operation to shut them all down & arrest the owners?

      And what about the landlords who are knowingly renting to these criminals? Why aren’t they being charged?

      Something here reeks – and I don’t mean the weed. I mean the obvious corruption that’s causing the NYPD to turn a blind eye to these criminal activities that attract violent crime. What other explanation is there

  5. All of these so-called CBD, Cannabis, whatever shops should be closed. They sell illegal items and attract criminal element and people up to no good who do not live here. Not exactly your typical upstanding citizens. Also, visual blights on the neighborhood with unsightly signage. The city council and the mayor are all idiots. “Let’s license CBD and Cannabis paraphernalia shops, what could go wrong?”

  6. Mayor Adams wake up and close down all of these, in plain sight, crime magnet cannabis stores. What the F@#k?

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