Upper East Site Gristedes supermarket pushed out by developer, grocer says
Upper East Site Gristedes supermarket pushed out by developer, grocer says | Upper East Site

UES Gristedes Supermarket Pushed Out by Developers, Grocer Says

Say goodbye to Gristedes. The Upper East Side is losing another one of its supermarkets, not because of rising rents like The Food Emporium's pullout earlier this year, but rather because of developers' plans for the site, according to the grocer.
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  1. whoa lets properly inform people about whats going on. John Catsimatidis owns all these stores along with his socialite family, his daughter is head of the New York Republican Party. These people can clearly pay the higher rent yet they choose to move out. Please provide a more detailed analysis and reporting of the situation so people just dont think its the developer. If the Upper east side needs more grocery stores then demand that a 1%er like catsimatidis pays a higher rent . working class people can’t afford higher rents but the 1% can’t.

    • From what I have noticed, they are tearing down a lot of buildings on the UES for new developers to put up sky scrapers. I expect this is exactly what is happening. Expect overcrowding and a reduction in services because of this. I’m amazed that this is all happening after the pandemic semi ended, all these buildings going down to put up monster complexes. NYC always talks about a housing shortage but that isn’t the case and I never believed that for a minute. It isn’t good, this isn’t progress. We need laws to prevent monster buildings from going up

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