Masked gunman swipes man's pricey Rolex in broad daylight robbery: NYPD
Masked gunman swipes man's pricey Rolex in broad daylight robbery: NYPD

Masked Gunman Swipes Man’s Pricey Rolex in Broad Daylight Robbery: NYPD

A peaceful Park Avenue block was turned into a crime scene when a crook donning a ski mask ambushed and robbed a man at gunpoint in broad daylight this week, police confirm to Upper East Site. The victim was targeted in front of 565 Park Avenue, b
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  1. Where are the police? Totally reactive and not proactive. If there was a cop on the street, no way somebody puts on a ski mask or is that robber even hanging around on the street here. Come on, these criminals do not live in this area and why can’t we ever get a full description? Stop being PC. Mayor is worthless. Get beat cops on the street here. Not blaming the cops at all, but get them on the street and let them do their job. It is obvious if you live here when it looks like someone is up to no good.

  2. How did they know he had a Rolex? Inside job from somebody who works or knows somebody who works in his building? Interesting how descriptions of criminals lately sound more like broadcasting a fashion show. When are we going to stop being so dam P.C. and be realistic about what’s going on in this city and who’s committing the crimes? Cameras don’t lie.

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