NYC Parks lifts ban on e-bikes in Central Park as danger persists for park-goers | Upper East Site
NYC Parks lifts ban on e-bikes in Central Park as danger persists for park-goers | Upper East Site

City Lifts Ban on E-Bikes in Central Park as Danger for Park-Goers Persists

As dangerous e-bikes and e-scooters blow through stop lights and frighten pedestrians in Central Park, the NYC Parks rolled out a pilot program Tuesday allowing the motorized vehicles on its drives and greenways. You wouldn't know it, but before this
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  1. Totally agree with all comments. E-bikes should use streets and bike lanes. Park bike lanes are for recreation. Children learn to ride bikes there. Whoever came up with this idea should reconsider – now!

  2. How about banning hundreds of illegal immigrants from selling food and alcohol without permission?
    Central Park is loosing all its character. Mayor Adams is
    destroying the city!

  3. Why are they lifting a ban on a vehicle that is a danger to all of the thousands of people who walk, run or jog in the park? They can put all of the signs they want telling bicyclists to stop at stop signs and other traffic signs but people who use e-bikes, regular bikes and other non-car vehicles don’t think the laws apply to them.

    • This is, without a doubt, the dumbest idea ever. We were already risking our lives trying to cross the roads WITHOUT e-bikes. At least 95% of bike riders (electric and not) fail to stop for lights and yell at people trying to cross.

      Despite signs all over the pedestrian paths within the park, bikers ride there too – despite people & pets and babies. Park staff does nothing!

      I’ve seen dozens of crashes of regular bikes. With e-bikes going 25 miles an hour, these crashes are likely to be fatal.

      Mayor Adams has made some remarkably dumb decisions, but this one is truly dangerous.

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