UES teen beaten and robbed for carton of milk (file) | Upper East Site
UES teen beaten and robbed for carton of milk (file) | Upper East Site

EXCLUSIVE: UES Teenager Beaten & Robbed for Carton of Milk 

It used to be parents would have to worry about bullies at school taking their kids lunch money— now some Upper East Side parents need to be concerned their teenage children could be beaten and robbed on a quiet block for a carton of milk. One moth
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  1. I guess the race of the suspects is obvious, being what’s been going on in this city on a minute by minute basis?

    • Is that really what is important here, Sherri? Take a look at yourself in the mirror and think about what you are suggesting here. Shameful.

    • You need to reel in your racism — ASAP
      It’s because of people like you that I left the upper east side. A real eye opener during Black Lives Matter back in May 2020, inhabitants of the UES are racist.

      • Hey Ladies In 2022 ALL lives matter
        Black White and people of all colors
        Better get used to it otherwise you’ll be very unhappy for the remainder of your natural lives

      • Sweeping generalizations aren’t helpful (or accurate) no matter what ax you’re grinding, Cleo. Take a lesson from Sherri, there.

    • YOU are what is wrong with this country, not the “race of the suspects.” Eff you. Oh, and I’m a white Jew since you care.

    • Sherri, darling…. Did you get into the vino a bit early today? Appears your closet is full and your racism is spilling out for all to see.

      The award for ‘most terrible’ goes to…..

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