UES scientists confirm we’re all tracking dog shit into our apartments | Upper East Site
UES scientists confirm we’re all tracking dog shit into our apartments | Upper East Site

UES Scientists Confirm We’re All Tracking Dog Shit into Our Apartments

A pair of scientists at Marymount Manhattan College on the Upper East Side have confirmed what many of us have suspected — whether or not you see it, NYC sidewalks are disgusting and we’re all tracking dog shit into buildings and our apartments w
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  1. I don’t need research to know this facts as a very clean vegan person I always say to people to take fasten their shoes

  2. FINALLY, someone else who gets it. I love dogs. But we shouldn’t have any domestic animals pooping in the open.

    I know it sounds ridiculous, but we should be training our little friends to poop in our toilets. Many people have done it. It’s not super hard. But it’s a way better public health policy than just having them poop *everywhere else*!

  3. And yet folks want to look at me and my family like we have two heads when we make them take their shoes before they step in the apt…I guess Grandma was right…no shoes in the house!

    • My parents, for years, resented being asked to take off their shoes before entering our apartment. I had one friend who wanted to wear a newly bought pair of shoes to a party I was hosting, and she said she couldn’t because she couldn’t wear her shoes in my apartment. I don’t get it…Footwear off before or upon entering your home if that works for you. I heard of one situation where a host included on an invitation that she has a shoeless home, and shoe racks and slippers will be provided. No problems because guests were alerted in advance. Shit is too comedic. Poop will be taken seriously

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