The Rio condo board claims an elderly resident pooped in the building's pool
The Rio condo board claims an elderly resident pooped in the building's pool/Compass Real Estate

UES Luxury Condo Sues Elderly Woman, Accuses Her of Pooping in the Pool

MANHATTAN – A luxury condominium on the Upper East Side has slapped an elderly resident with a lawsuit, accusing the 83-year-old woman of being a nuisance in the building’s fitness center— even going as far as describing the senior citizen as a “real, immediate, and continuing threat to the safety and well-being” of residents and staff.

The lawsuit, which has been reviewed by Upper East Site, was filed by the Board of Managers of The Rio Condominium, located at the corner of East 65th Street and Second Avenue, accusing the senior citizen of a long list of bad behavior, claiming she “screams and makes loud noises” while using the pool and fitness center. 

The complaint goes on to say the elderly woman, whom Upper East Site is not identifying due to the explosive claims made in the lawsuit, wears inappropriate attire in the gym, fails to stay in her swimming lane, and even pooped in the building’s pool and a shower last August. 

The Rio Condominium and Spa on East 65th Street
The Rio Condominium and Spa on East 65th Street/Google

“The Condominium was forced to shut down the Fitness Center’s pool so that it could be properly sanitized according to the applicable State health code,” reads the lawsuit filed Wednesday, “and to take the Fitness Center’s shower out of use so that it could be cleaned and disinfected.” 

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After suspending the elderly resident’s access to the gym for bad behavior, the condo board claims the elderly woman continued to sneak in and use the equipment— even threatening to call the police on building staff who denied her entry to the fitness center and forcing her way in when another person was leaving.

The Rio condo board claims an elderly resident is a nuisance in the fitness center
The Rio condo board claims an elderly resident is a nuisance in the fitness center/Compass Real Estate

The lawsuit claims the 83 year old used trickery to get inside the gym, accusing her of “deceitfully obtaining a code to access the Fitness Center from a real estate broker who had been given access to the Fitness Center to show the Condominium’s amenities to prospective unit purchasers.”

In an interview with the Daily Beast, the woman said she would file a counter suit against the condo board because the allegations against her are for the most part untrue— including claims she pooped in the pool.

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“No, never,” the 83 year old said when asked about the incident but continued, “Maybe I am getting old.”

“Do they have evidence?” she asked the Daily Beast, “Ridiculous, I was a doctor before!” she added. 

The condo board is seeking a restraining order to keep the woman out of the gym and pool, monetary damages and attorney fees.

Upper East Site was unable to reach the elderly resident for comment on this story, while the law firm representing the condo board did not respond to our inquiry by time of publication.

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