Third Avenue will receive a bike lane, bus lane and turn lanes like Second Avenue under DOT's plan | Upper East Site
Third Avenue will receive a bike lane, bus lane and turn lanes like Second Avenue under DOT's plan | Upper East Site

Third Avenue Bike Lane Plan Unveiled, Still Not Good Enough for Some

The Department of Transportation has laid out plans to add a bike lane to Third Avenue on the Upper East Side, which cycling advocates and neighbors both hailed as being long overdue— and slammed for not being good enough. The plan, unveiled as
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  1. Do any of these city official morons have any common sense and think things thru?? Between bike lanes outdoor sheds citibikes and now adding a bike lane??? Total insanity. Traffic is bad enuf. And wait til the electric car charging stations come. What a joke!!!!!

  2. Good let’s add as many bike lanes as possible. Let’s add 2 bike lanes actually here one going North and one going south. Also add 2 bus lanes and leave 1 car lane. Oh yeah and make the sidewalks wider too.

  4. I’m sick and tired of risking my life crossing every street (with the green light) and having speeding bicyclists zoom around the corners or speed in front of me and missing my feet by about an inch. I’ve worked downtown for years and they think Broadway is the Indy 500! When they hit people and injure them (sometimes dying from their injuries), there is no way to track them down (no license plates, they pay no insurance, registration, inspection, license or parking fees), but yet they seem to be getting more rights than drivers who DO pay those fees .

    • So buy your own bike if you don’t want insurance, Registration,inspection, license, or parking fees , that’s just how it works, bicycles don’t need registration

    • I rather chance myself with a cyclists going probably 15mph than a 3,000 lbs metal box going 60mph, you are over inflating and exaggerating something that rarely occurs. If you think idea is bad then ask for better bike infrastructure, car infrastructure is eating up alot of taxpayers money yet not one peep from you on that

    • Sherri, Cars and trucks kill over 200 innocent New Yorkers each year. Bicyclists kill less than one. Your anger seems very misdirected.

  5. Respectfully, narrowing 3rd Avenue, the major northbound thoroughfare in the neighborhood, from 5 lanes to 3 to add a bike and bus lane is a terrible idea. The results will be predictable: mopeds using the bike lane, FreshDirect and Amazon trucks double-parked in the left-most car lane leading to 2 car lanes, with major construction projects on Third Avenue already blocking off the right-most lane for years to come. We saw a preview of this on Lex & 78th, which was narrowed down to 1 lane for the past 2 years b/c of construction and the bus lane, causing traffic backed up to 86th St daily.

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