Wealthy new UES residents pout over bus stop in front of their newly-constructed luxury building | Upper East Site
Wealthy new UES residents pout over bus stop in front of their newly-constructed luxury building | Upper East Site

Wealthy New UES Residents Pout Over Bus Stop in Front of Luxury High-Rise

Some wealthy new Upper East Side condominium owners are likely feeling buyer's remorse after the MTA installed a bus stop in front of their newly-constructed Madison Avenue luxury high-rise. There's just one problem: that's where the bus stop has bee
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  1. The temporary move of this bus stop ( actually many months) ensured a long trek from 72nd to the
    Madison stop. Not easy after returning from the York Ave medical complex. And I note the planters exacerbate any crowding problems, no doubt placed in hopes of preventing a seat/shelter for the benefit of bus riders.

  2. Well, sales to date total roughly $232 million for the building, a couple units labeled PHB and PHC sold for $35,726,250 and $22,000,000 respectively, so I’m not sure how many “average” New Yorker’s live at The Benson. If I lived at the building I’d be pulling out the promotional material I was given to see if the bus stop is featured, if I was involved in sales at the building I’d be dusting off my E&O Policy and checking to see if I wrote any emails saying, well, anything, and if I built the building I’d be waiting to be asked why I didn’t try to address this as I was building the jo

  4. It seems to me from photos that if the bus stop was moved south just about 30 feet away from the entrance it would make a big difference to the building and would be completely fine for the bus. I’d recommend the building make a significant donation to the community in exchange for consideration by the MTA. Perhaps City Council member Keith Powers could broker the deal if he is back on the job and has sufficiently recovered from his breathless experience at the Met Gala that he so studiously and exhaustively shared with everyone on social media.

    • Upper East Site spoke with an MTA bus driver on that route who explained that the articulating buses need the entire block’s length to pull in and out of traffic and straighten out the bus with the curb.

  5. I see 20+ people blocking their entrance every morning. It’s a nightmare for the families, many with small children. Not to mention it probably cuts their property value in half. (That’s a tremendous loss, even for the wealthy). Most probably would not have purchased if the bus stop location was properly disclosed. Uppereastsite should focus on the Naftali group and potential deception. Instead of basking in the buyers misfortune. I suspect most are hard working UESers who pay their fair share of taxes.

    • Upper East Site contacted Naftali Group but did not hear back. No residents made accusations of deception on the part of the developer during Wednesday’s meeting. Owners who wish to share with us the disclosures made or not made in regards to the bus stop should reach out using the ‘contact us’ page.

    • Property value in half?

      What a tragedy where did you get that made up number and what color was the hat?

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