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Sicko Grinds Himself on Straphanger in UES Subway Sex Crime: NYPD

MANHATTAN – Are New York’s bad old day’s back? It’s the question that likely decided the democratic Mayoral primaries this week with former NYPD Captain Eric Adams declaring victory in a nail-biter— and now commuters on the Upper East Sider have another reason to believe our neighborhood has taken a turn for the worse.

A 30-year-old woman became the survivor of a sick sexual deviant’s actions simply for riding the train. The predator pounced mid-day during a southbound (4) subway train through Yorkville.

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Eyeing her in the subway car around 11:15 on the morning of June 30th, the suspect made his move as the train roared into the 86th street station— in the commotion the suspect made him way to the woman— then used his privates to grind against her.

Subway Sex Abuse Suspect
Subway Sex Abuse Suspect/NYPD/Adi Goldstein/Unsplash

This subway sex crime becoming the latest in serious of disturbing attacks inside Upper East Side bound trains or subway stations.

Just last month a man was savagely beaten— all caught on surveillance video— during a vicious robbery inside the East 59th/Lexington Ave. Subway Station.

The suspects in that case punched, kicked, slashed and robbed a 64-year-old man returning from morning prayer midtown— getting away with only $150 dollars and his phone.

Upper East Side Subway Mugging
Upper East Side Subway Mugging/NYPD

Weeks before that violent attack, a 24-year-old woman was groped at 8:30 in the morning by yet another suspect inside the East 63rd Street/Lexington Avenue station, who also exposed his privates to her.

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This again raises the question whether the subway is not as safe for commuters as in pre-pandemic pandemic times– the New York Times crunched the data and determined this:

Overall crime is down, but so is ridership, which has pushed the per rider crime rate higher than it has been in recent years and created a sense of greater danger.

New York Times

In this latest disturbing case, the 30-year-old target of this sicko’s sex abuse managed to get off the train at the East 86th Street station, and was able to contact police. The perv kept making his way downtown, she says.

Investigators are counting on someone to recognize the suspect in this crystal clear photo taken aboard the train— he’s about six-feet tall, last seen wearing a pink du-rag, a black tee and ripped jeans.

Subway Sex Abuse Suspect
Subway Sex Abuse Suspect/NYPD

If you have any information or recognize this guy, please call NYPD Crimestoppers at 1-800-577-8477

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