A 69-year-old man fell victim to thieves while using an Upper East Side bank ATM | Upper East Site, NYPD
A 69-year-old man fell victim to thieves while using an Upper East Side bank ATM | Upper East Site, NYPD

Senior Citizen Victimized at UES Bank Targeted by Citywide ATM Scam: NYPD

Police are warning the public about a new scam targeting senior citizens while they’re using ATMs to withdraw cash at branches of a specific bank with locations across New York City — including right here on the Upper East Side — where one of t
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  1. We are so lucky to be living in NYC. True, not a perfect place, nothing is ever 100%. I can’t think of a better place in the USA. Thankfully, no mass shoutings, and until the economy improves we will see desperate people on our streets. And, I can’t believe that anyone would wish that Giuliani was our mayor. He’d probably want to arm citizens.

  2. Same crap different day. Had hoped that this mayor being a former cop would clean up the
    city. We need another Guiliani administration.

  3. Every day the do nothing mayor and says the same things at every press conference commissioner say that crime is down. What city are they running – Mayberry?

    • The current mayor is perhaps the most corrupt in a century (since the most corrupt mayor Jimmy Walker during the “Jazz Age”). This guy holds court every night at his favorite upscale restaurant where he doles out political favors in return for monetary contributions to his next corrupt campaign. We have been “blessed” in our “greatest city in the world” by a succession of crooks, but it is our own fault in drinking the kool-aid and voting for them over and over again. You have the “democracy” that you deserve!

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