Subway Stunt Draws Attention/Rebecca Taskin via @SubwayCreatures
Rebecca Taskin via @SubwayCreatures

Racy Subway Stunt on the Upper East Side Turns Heads

MANHATTAN – Riding the subways here in New York, you’ll see some strange things. The longer you’ve lived here, the stranger things have to be to grab your attention— A subway art photography project featuring a single, scantily clad, ballerina managed to do just that.

It was inside the East 96th street Q subway station Monday when Upper East Sider Rebecca Taskin spotted the performer just down the platform from her and started recording.

The woman, wearing a bikini and ballet shoes, stretched her leg high into in the air and began using the subway train to support herself as she did split vertically— inching herself closer against the train, pressing part of her body against the metal panels as commuters stopped in their tracks to record videos.

Rebecca’s video of the project landed on the Subway Creatures Instagram account, reaching more than half a million views in five hours and sparking some confusion as to whether she was the performer in the video. 

In an Instagram story, Rebecca comedically clarified that she’s nowhere near flexible enough to pull off the stunt.

So who is taking credit for that head turning routine?

It’s a collaboration between of a popular photographer named Aaron who runs the Instagram account Underground NYC and an artist and self proclaimed muse who goes by the name PoppySeed

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New Yorkers were left stunned by what they were seeing on Instagram. PoppySeed’s moves, particularly pressing that much bare skin against the train or touching it against anything inside a subway station, had the audience’s skin crawling. 

“There’s not enough Clorox wipes in the word to make me think this isn’t a hepatitis risk,” Debbie commented. 

Kiera questioned whether she witnessing the creation of COVID-21?”

In what might be the most succinct observation of this stunt in a post-pandemic world, one man reflected on how far we’ve come, saying “NYC is healing.”

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