Snack shop on quiet Upper East Side block robbed at gunpoint Friday afternoon | Upper East Site
Snack shop on quiet Upper East Side block robbed at gunpoint Friday afternoon | Upper East Site

Gunmen Storm Snack Shop on Sleepy UES Block: NYPD 

Upper East Side cops mobilized Friday afternoon, deploying additional resources to search for two suspects in the heavy rain following a terrifying gunpoint robbery at an exotic snack shop on a sleepy Lenox Hill block. Investigators tell Upper Eas
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  1. Anyone could have figured out by the name that this is a marijuana shop – and like the vast majority of these shops, operating illegally. Not surprised they don’t have security cameras.

    The NYPD needs to crack down on these illegal shops for the very reason that they attract dangerous armed criminals to the neighborhood – endangering everyone here. The landlords who are knowingly renting to these criminal businesses need to be prosecuted too.

    What’s especially scary is that this shop is on the same block as Ronald McDonald House.

    • You are 100% correct. I felt the same way. Why would a snack shop look like that? I asked. It was easy to figure it out. There are other places on UES that need attention. They too could be in “different” business .. I find the fact that one does not see and smell many tobacco smokers but the heavy smell of marijuana is everywhere.. Yes. We are living in strange times. Good is bad..Bad is good..Truth tellers are condemned as not to offend the liars, etc.

    • Thank you for being candid about a topic that our pols seem to want to avoid. HOW did all this illegality occur? Could no one “in charge” see the consequences of inviting such shops to open all over the City -without any supervision? Same with opening the door to e-vehicles and earlier, UBER and CURB, et al.
      It’s as though any business at all is welcome now. The casinos, however, are going to have an enormous fight on their hands.

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