A man was struck and killed by a driver on the UES Wednesday in a possible road rage attack | Upper East Site
A man was struck and killed by a driver on the UES Wednesday in a possible road rage attack | Upper East Site

Man Struck & Killed, Driver Charged in Road Rage Crash

A 54-year-old man is dead after being run down by a car on a busy Upper East Side block in a case of road rage turned fatal, Upper East Site has learned. The wrecked Volkswagen Jetta on the sidewalk has two flat tires on the driver's side | Upper
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  1. The perp lives in a homeless shelter but is driving a car with out of state plates? Was it stolen? If it is his, why did he have non-NY plates (…tax/registration evasion)? How much public assistance did he get when he had an asset he could sell to fund moving into an apartment? This City clearly has a mental health crisis, and many of these people need to be compassionately institutionalized. Also, not to blame the victim but he seemed crazy too. It is one thing when people like this find each other and cancel each out out. What about when the rest of us have to deal with them?

  2. My heart goes out to the family of the man that got senselessly killed. The car has a Virginia plate. There are thousands of cars in this city with license plates from every state and, not to add to the city’s monetary pockets (since we never see where the money goes) but I think cars with out of state plates need to be stopped or ticketed and the owner of the car needs to prove his residency. I know people in Queens and they say there are plates from PA, FL (you have to live at least 6 months in FL to have a plate and they have seen the same cars here even in the Winter), GA, NC, SC, SD, etc

    • You can’t stop people just because they have an out of state license plate. They can be stopped for some other reason and if it turns out they live in NY and haven’t transferred plates or their license, then sure. I cannot imagine the ridiculousness of stopping every tourist to check and make sure they’re not an nyc resident.

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