DOT says participatory budgeting funds cannot be used to install protected bike lanes | NYC DOT
DOT says participatory budgeting funds cannot be used to install protected bike lanes | NYC DOT

How Should the City Spend $1,000,000 on the UES? Just Don’t Ask For Bike Lanes

The City’s budget this fiscal year is a whopping $101 Billion and Upper East Side residents will actually get to decide how .001% of that cash is spent. Participatory budgeting, as its known, is back again this fall and it is up to neighbors to cho
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  1. Allocate money for police patrolling streets to protect residents from growing street attacks & thefts AND enforcing street cycling, biking, electric traffic laws. I’m sick of close calls by cycling law breakers and threatening criminals just going out to do errands. I’m sick of pullling back elderly & tourists as cyclists almost mow them down! I never see street patrolmen on foot!!!! ENFORCE OUR
    LAWS. Get criminals off the streets.
    So miserable living in NYC now; resident since 1975. Use the money to improve our safety !

  2. How about fixing the streets and sidewalks? Raised or sunken manhole covers, cracks and indents are dangerous to walk on and drive on. I don’t care about the bicyclists. They speed and zig zag all over the streets and I’ve lost count on how many times I’m crossing the street with the light and if I took one more step, a bike would have run over my foot! No more bike lanes. NYC is and always has been a walking and driving city and if people cared as much about the crime in this city as they do about saving trees, we’d be a lot safer, even in our own homes and businesses.

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