Gopuff rapid grocery delivery app/Upper East Site
Gopuff rapid grocery delivery app/Upper East Site

Gopuff Rapid Grocery Delivery Accused of ‘Unsafe and Hazardous Business Practices’

MANHATTAN - The rise in rapid grocery delivery apps and their distribution points across the Upper East Side happened lightning fast— but that speedy delivery is coming at a price, according to one lawmaker, who is now calling-out Gopuff, one of th
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  1. Thank you for pursuing this danger.
    The number of electric delivery bikes thst ride the sidewalk, go thru red light on 3rd ave going north, Nd ride the wrong way in traffic flow is a danger to every resident who lives in our neighborhood. The danger to residents match the rise in oecuadytian deaths and injuries in our streets snd intersections.

    The city council must pursue the passage of legislation the will curb the risks of these dark storefront companies and enforce immediate safety codes.

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