Hundreds of anti-vaccination mandate activists march on Gracie Mansion/
Hundreds of anti-vaccination mandate activists march on Gracie Mansion/

‘Fuck the Vaccine!’ Anti-Vaxxers March on Gracie Mansion

MANHATTAN – Hundreds of Anti-Vaccination activists descended on the Upper East Side Sunday night— protesting the start of the City’s vaccination requirement for indoor dining and entertainment on Monday— with a march on Mayor de Blasio’s residence, Gracie Mansion.

Protester screams 'Fuck Antifa"/
Protester screams ‘Fuck Antifa”/

“There is a war on our freedom” one anti-vaccination activist declared from the microphone denouncing Covid-19vaccination and mask mandates, “and today is the day New York says no!” 

Tina Forte, described by Politico as a right-wing influencer who’s now making a long-shot run for Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s seat in congress, took the microphone next. 

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“If you can cross the southern border as easy as [undocumented immigrants] do, why cant we dine in a New York City restaurant,” Forte asked the crowd rhetorically, drawing a false equivalency between Covid-19 vaccinations and United States immigration policy. 

“That’s child abuse!,” Forte declared while speaking about masking mandates in schools.

Also in attendance was Republican Mayoral nominee and Guardian Angels founder, Curtis Sliwa and Andrew Giuliani, a Republican Gubernatorial candidate.

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“New York City has way overstepped it’s bounds and the constitution isn’t being considered here,” Guiliani, son of embattled former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, told in an interview after leading the crowd in a rendition of our national anthem, the Star Spangled Banner, in front of Gracie Mansion on the Upper East Side. 

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Later, a group of men, one with clown face-paint and another wearing a shirt labeling President Biden as a liar, began moshing in the street and chanting in rhythm, “fuck the vaccine! fuck the vaccine!”

Counter protester gives middle finger to anti-vaccination mandate activists/
Counter protester gives middle finger to anti-vaccination mandate activists/

At one point masked woman in a NY hat approached the speaker, raising her middle finger to the crowd in defiance and in the name of common sense— the man at the mic shouted the woman down, “What a white, liberal limousine racist!” 

Counter-protester attacked my men/
Counter-protester attacked my men/

Video taken directly after that shows a group of older white men booing, grabbing and shoving the diminutive masked woman in a disturbing display that required police intervention.

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