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FIRST LOOK: Inside the New Yorkville Deli Market

Yorkville Deli Market Interior/Upper East Site

MANHATTAN – After at least six years of sitting empty with ‘retail space’ advertisements in it’s windows, a prime Upper East Side location at the corner of 91st and 2nd Avenue is showing more signs of life— and now we’re getting our first look inside the new Yorkville Deli Market.

Yorkville Deli Market Exterior
Yorkville Deli Market Exterior/Upper East Site

Situated next to Lisa’s On 2nd Avenue Hallmark Store in the Knickerbocker Plaza development, Yorkville Deli Market sits next to two high-traffic UES locations, James Cagney Plaza and Ruppert Park. 

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Anyone passing by is sure to notice the new kid on the block— and thanks to our first look inside the store, we have a  better idea of what they may offer it’s Upper East Side customers.

Yorkville Deli Market Interior
Yorkville Deli Market Interior/Upper East Site

Along the north and west walls, a long line of coolers that could be used for anything from drinks to fresh fruit and pre-made sandwiches and salads— however, the actual inventory has not been confirmed by Upper East Site.

On the south wall, a large modern countertop and several stations of what appears to be a cold/hot cases that are not self-service for customers, where deli items will be packed by employees.

Yorkville Deli Market Interior
Yorkville Deli Market Interior/Upper East Site

In the center of the space sits a wooden shelf island that already has open cardboard boxes of snacks piled around it, including Pringles potato chips, Oreo cookies, Hu cookies, as well as various vegan, paleo and keto snacks.

Yorkville Deli Market is more than just an UES shop to get a snack or a bite to eat—  Upper East Site’s photo’s show paper towels stocked already lining the walls of upper shelves and a case of Febreeze on the floor—home items that you may need in a pinch will also be available.

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There’s still no clear sign when the grand opening at the market will be, though hiring has already begun.

Yorkville Deli Market is looking for a deli person with experience, cashier, stock and delivery persons— which means they’ll have their own employee available to make deliveries and won’t rely solely on apps like Uber Eats and Seamless.

Yorkville Deli Market Hiring
Yorkville Deli Market hiring/Upper East Site

We’ve reached out to the store’s leadership about what else we can expect from the Yorkville Deli Market, but haven’t heard back yet— We’ll stay on top of this and bring you more details as they come.

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