Pregnant woman assaulted by unhinged stranger on the UES | Envato Elements, Upper East site
Pregnant woman assaulted by unhinged stranger on the UES | Envato Elements, Upper East site

EXCLUSIVE: Unhinged Stranger Randomly Assaults Pregnant Woman in Broad Daylight Attack

An Upper East Side mom, six months pregnant with her second child, is coming forward to share a warning with her neighbors, after she was violently assaulted by a stranger in broad daylight— one of two people beaten by the same unhinged woman last Saturday afternoon, police confirm to Upper East Site.

“She said, ‘I’m gonna get you now bitch’ and pulled my hair, pulled me down,” Lily explained to us in an exclusive interview. She asked we withhold her last name to protect her identity, but is telling her story to prevent another woman from being targeted.

“She punched me so incredibly hard,” the 29 year old explained, “about five or six pretty hard punches before I was able to wiggle away.”

Twenty-six weeks pregnant with a baby girl, Lily and her husband moved to the Upper East Side two and a half years ago when she was pregnant with her son, describing it as “the most lovely, family friendly neighborhood.”

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It was last Saturday, June 25th, around 2:15 pm, as Lily was walking west on East 68th Street towards Third Avenue— on her way to the Hunter College subway station to meet a friend downtown for lunch—  when she saw her attacker, who appeared to be mentally ill, walking directly towards her. 

“I was trying to be cautious. I kind of tucked myself in with this group of teenagers I saw ahead of me, when I saw her,” Lily said.

“Then she kind of came around the group of teenagers and grabbed my hair.”

Surveillance photo of the woman Lily identified as her attacker on East 68th Street
Surveillance photo of the woman Lily identified as her attacker on East 68th Street

Nearly a week after the random assault, Lily still has “some large bumps on the back of [her] head” and says she was diagnosed with a concussion. 

Although Lily says it is considered minor, a concussion is a traumatic brain injury, and has left her with a “constant headache” for a few days.

“Everything was to my head and luckily, nowhere near my stomach.”

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After pummeling Lily, she says the deranged woman, dressed in pink pants and a rainbow colored top with her hair in a crew cut, laughed as she walked away. 

Lily says security at her building obtained a surveillance image of the her attacker, which was shared with investigators and provided to Upper East Site.

Police tell us the unhinged suspect attacked a second woman just a block away, on Third Avenue near East 67th Street— punching her multiple times in the head, after approaching the 53 year old while ‘yelling random obscenities’ around the same time Saturday afternoon.

That victim was treated by medics, but did not goto the hospital, police say.

As for Lily, she hopes telling her story and getting the suspect’s photo out might prevent this from happening to someone else, but adds that the neighborhood she loves “just feels a little less safe.”

“I’m just heartbroken by it.”

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