Suspect shoves elderly man to ground in random UES assault/NYPD Crime Stoppers
Suspect shoves elderly man to ground in random UES assault/NYPD Crime Stoppers

SEE IT: Elderly Man Shoved to Ground & Injured in Random Upper East Side Assault

MANHATTAN - A heinous random attack on an Upper East Side senior citizen is caught on camera— now police want neighbors help tracking down the cold hearted suspect who shoved an 81-year-old man to the ground on a Yorkville sidewalk in a shocking un
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  1. In all honesty, it wouldn’t matter if they had arrested the perp the very same/next day because he would’ve been back out on the streets hours later. Also, with the craziness that is going on throughout the city, what are two elderly people doing out at that time of night anyway? You see a guy like that walking through the neighborhood at that time of night and it doesn’t raise any red flags? Not saying it was justifiable…simply saying that people should exercise more caution. Not that we should HAVE to but we’re living in crazy times, to say the least.

  2. I’m annoyed that it’s close to a month ago this happened and no one in NYC covered this, when it ACTUALLY occurred. So this person has been walking around the city and we’re only just learning about this now?

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