Hawk Rescue NYPD ESU

Cops Rescue Hawk Trapped Between Upper East Side Buildings

MANHATTAN – The NYPD show once again why they’re New York’s finest– coming to the aid of anyone in distress– including our feathered friends that usually live high above us.

So when a 911 call came in for this red-tailed hawk trapped between two buildings Thursday afternoon, the special Emergency Services Unit raced to East 85th Street to make a rescue, Patch reports.

The 19th Precinct on the Upper East Side tweeted out photos of the successful rescue (along with a few bird puns) after the hawk was taken to the Wild Bird Fund on the West Side for a complete checkup.

“No jailbird here” they precinct tweeted, adding “just needed a lift to our local bird spa for some pampering.” The Wild Bird Fund tweeted back, “Eggsellent work!”

Catherine Quayle, a spokesperson for the Wild Bird Fund told Patch it was a juvenile hawk “who seems simply to have gotten into a jam.” Adding that the young bird of prey will be treated for parasites and lead poisoning before being released.

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