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Man Stabbed Across the Street from UES Middle School, Suspect Arrested

Stabbing victim rushed to the hospital/Upper East Site
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MANHATTAN – A 26-year-old man was rushed to the hospital after a stabbing this morning inside a building across the street from a middle school on East 92nd Street– bringing chaos to a quiet block on the Upper East Side.

Stabbing victim's arms strapped down/Upper East Site
Stabbing victim’s arms strapped down/Upper East Site

NYPD officers raced to the scene of the stabbing at 345 East 92nd Street just before 10:30 this morning— the lights and sirens came from both directions— closing the street to traffic and setting up a crime scene on the quiet block.  

Shocked neighbors stood and watched the commotion unfold on their block– close to MS114, East Side Middle School — as did customers and workers from Butterfield Kitchen right across the street from the bloodshed.

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Police and paramedics were delayed getting their equipment into the building and getting the man out by a large number of amazon packages blocking the building’s narrow hallway.

Amazon packages moved outside to get the victim through the narrow hallway/Upper East Site
Amazon packages moved outside to get the victim through the narrow hallway/Upper East Site

The victim, a man who appeared in his twenties was taken out of the building by wheelchair, his arms strapped down and with bandages wrapped around his chest– likely the location of the stab wound– he then voluntarily moved onto a stretcher before being put into an ambulance and was taken to New York Presbyterian-Weill Cornel Medical Center for treatment. 

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Conscious, alert and speaking with officers, the man’s injuries did not appear to be life-threatening– the 26-year-old was later reported by police to be in stable condition.

A neighbor tells Upper East Site a group of men were making a commotion in an apartment shortly before a flood of police officers arrived on the scene– likely the results of a quick call to 911 for help.

Stabbing victim rushed to the hospital/Upper East Site
Stabbing victim rushed to the hospital/Upper East Site

Late Wednesday, investigators confirmed to Upper East Site a suspect was arrested and charged with assault in connection with the stabbing– witnesses say he was taken into custody shortly before 11:00 am.

The 29-year-old suspect lives in the very same building as the victim, according to police, though the nature of their relationship isn’t clear.

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  1. Shocked neighbors? This shouldn’t be shocking to anyone anymore unfortunately. It’s sad. It’s a mess and no one in a leadership position is taking any responsibility for what’s going on. Unprovoked assaults, stabbings and shootings are happening in areas of the city that have historically been safe no matter what time of day or evening. I am concerned for my family’s safety.

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